Arbitrum Airdrop

Arbitrum Airdrop

Arbitrum Airdrop Guide | AIRDROP CONCLUDED | SUCCESS: $2k+ per wallet

Arbitrum Overview

Arbitrum is a technology suite designed to scale Ethereum. You can use Arbitrum chains to do all things you do on Ethereum — use Web3 apps, deploy smart contracts, etc., but your transactions will be cheaper and faster. The flagship product — Arbitrum Rollup — is an Optimistic rollup protocol that inherits Ethereum-level security.

Step 1:

Bridge some ETH to Arbitrum.

Official Bridge:

Synapse Bridge:

Step 2:

Interact with apps on Arbitrum (trade, lend, borrow, etc.)

Gains Network:



Additional apps:

Step 3:

Buy + sell Arbitrum NFTs.


Step 4:

Complete Arbitrum tasks on

Step 5:

Vote on Arbitrum proposals:

Step 6:

Go to this smart contract. Connect your desired MetaMask wallet. Go down to the purchaseToken function. Paste 0.0095 in the input. Click ‘write’ and approve the transaction in your MetaMask wallet.

This will quickly purchase all tokens needed to fulfill the journey for Arbitrum in one single transaction for the cost of 0.0095 ETH (currently $15 - $20).

Airdrops are speculative. There is no guarantee that taking these actions will qualify you for an airdrop from this project, or that this project will even have an airdrop. Sistine Research does not guarantee the safety of the linked sites and protocols. It is best practice to use burner wallets for airdrop farming.