Aztec Network Airdrop

Aztec Network Airdrop

Aztec Network Airdrop Guide

Aztec Network Overview

Aztec Network is a privacy-first zk-rollup on Ethereum bringing confidentiality and cost savings to the Ethereum ecosystem.


  1. Connect an Ethereum wallet to
  2. Retrieve your Aztec Address and the Spending Key. Copy it and save it somewhere.
  3. Choose an alias/username, then select "Default speed".
  4. Enter any amount of ETH you want to deposit and click "Register".
  5. Add funds to Aave, Euler, or another defi protocol at:
Airdrops are speculative. There is no guarantee that taking these actions will qualify you for an airdrop from this project, or that this project will even have an airdrop. Sistine Research does not guarantee the safety of the linked sites and protocols. It is best practice to use burner wallets for airdrop farming.