Bitcoin BRC-20 Quick Guide

Bitcoin BRC-20 Quick Guide

BRC-20 Quick Guide | Published May 10, 2023

Note: This is simply a guide for those who are interested in investing in BRC-20 tokens, not recommendation to invest in BRC-20 tokens.

Resources Coingecko for BRC-20 tokens:

Bulk Inscriptions (Mint multiple times fast):

BRC-20 DEX (coming soon):

Smart BRC-20s (Dapps on Bitcoin):

Ordinals NFTs on Metamask:


Short for "Bitcoin Request for Comment," BRC-20 is an experimental framework for building fungible tokens on Bitcoin using Ordinals, the protocol that enables people to mint NFT-like assets on Bitcoin called inscriptions.

In short, you can think of BRC-20 tokens as fungible tokens that live on the Bitcoin network similar to how ERC-20 tokens live on the Ethereum network.

Create a Wallet 1) Go to and download the browser extension from the Chrome Web Store.

2) Select "Create New Wallet", enter a password, and confirm your password.

3) Save your secret recovery phrase somewhere safe, ideally a physical copy (not a word document connected to the cloud).

4) Under Address Type, click Taproot, and continue.

5) Copy your address "bc....." and deposit some BTC into your account

How to Buy BRC-20 Tokens

1) Head to

2) Click on the token you’d like to buy

3) Hit "Buy Now", confirm password.

4) Click "Buy Now" and confirm the transaction.

5) You can view your BRC-20 tokens here:

For the experimenters, you can create your own BRC-20 token here: