$DARK | Dark Protocol | Published Nov 15, 2023

Website link: https://www.darkprotocol.org/manifesto

Dark Protocol is building a private liquidity layer on Solana where instead of depositing 1:1 ratio of tokens into a liquidity pool (example: USDC/SOL), users can deposit a variety of approved tokens into a pool.

For example if a user deposits 100 USDC into the dark pool, they would be entitled to withdraw 100 USDC of any asset in the pool.


The $DARK token was distributed through NFT staking (The Anon Club) and is almost fully distributed.

With a current fully diluted valuation < $10M, “Private DeFi on Solana” feels quite undervalued.

A $40M+ valuation is realistic.

With Solana holding over $50, there is a lot of interest, and value, in the Solana app layer.

$DARK can be purchased on jup.ag:

(token address: FmQ7v2QUqXVVtAXkngBh3Mwx7s3mKT55nQ5Z673dURYS)

Due to low liquidity, if you plan to buy more than $100 or so, consider using the DCA function on Jupiter to spread out your buys.