DeLabs Airdrop

DeLabs Airdrop

DeLabs Airdrop

Frank (founder of DeGods & y00ts) tweeted this out a few weeks ago:

In the bottom right corner of the graphic is an easter egg that clearly alludes to an airdrop:


We’ve compiled a list of unconfirmed rumors about this airdrop that are going around in various private groups:

  • A new DeLabs collection (likely 25k max supply) will be dropped for Degods and y00ts holders.
  • Minting/claiming this project will likely cost points which are earned through staking DeGods and y00ts.
  • Timeline for airdrop could be as early as the end of April.
  • Likely to cost at least 100k points for DeGods holders and 150k points for y00ts holders
  • There is a rumor that the points cost ratio is 1.50 to 1 for DeGods vs y00ts. This means that y00ts at 1/4 the cost of DeGods are potentially a good play if you're trying to maximize points for the airdrop.
  • Those who don't have enough points, may be able to buy points for DUST or lock up their NFTs for a period of time to get and advance on points.

Speculatively, a 25,000 max supply DeLabs collection could reach a floor price of $1,000 fairly easily as it would only require a $25M market cap.

For comparison, the DeGods market cap is currently $180M and the y00ts market cap is $60M.


This is a speculative airdrop. There is no guarantee that DeLabs will drop this collection. For those who are looking to buy a y00t to speculate on this play, you can do so here:

There is obvious risk as the current floor price is ~$4,000 to speculate on an airdrop potentially worth ~$1,000.

Ideally make sure you are purchasing a y00t with over ~150k points or so. You can check the point count by typing the y00t ID # into the y00t explorer here: