$DUST Forced Selling

$DUST Forced Selling

$DUST Forced Selling | June 14, 2023

A DUST whale is currently being forced to liquidate roughly 300k DUST in the coming ~24 hours.

He is seeking an OTC deal, but if he can’t find one he may be forced to market sell, which could have a large impact on the price.

Meanwhile, DUST fundamentals have not changed, and are expected to improve in the coming 2-3 weeks as DeLabs launches y00ts Season 2 and DeGods Season 3.

A crash in price due to forced selling would be an ideal opportunity to buy DUST moving into a potential catalyst.

We believe purchasing DUST in the next few days should price reach the range lows of $1.33 - $1.50 is an asymmetric risk/reward opportunity.


Note that there is a chance this seller finds an OTC deal and price does not crash. Therefore trying to front-run a crash by selling now and trying to buy back lower is a risky move. In other words, $1.33 - $1.50 is simply a bid target, not a price prediction.

Investing Principle Forced selling usually has a large impact on price action, creating good buying opportunities. A good example of this was the ETH crash to $880 when there was forced selling from 3AC, Voyager, & Celsius. Fundamentals do not change, and those with liquid capital to deploy can often benefit from other’s immediate need for liquidity.