$DUST Raffles

$DUST Raffles

$DUST Raffles | March 21, 2023

For general info on $DUST, see the Degods and y00ts Research Report, the $DUST play, and the $DUST Update play.

Though the timing is unfortunate with the upcoming fed meeting potentially causing volatility in all markets, there is a strong chance we see a short-term pump for DUST this week.

There will be 34 BTC DeGod ordinals auctioned/raffled off this week in DUST.

The floor on these is currently 1.1 BTC, or ~$30k

This means the market should be willing to pay around $30k worth of DUST per raffle or auction.

So there should be 34+ BTC worth of $DUST sucked into the raffle.

Thats ~ $1M of potential buy pressure and/or supply shock into a $DUST market that only has ~$1.6M in total liquidity.

There is a strong chance we see a pump unless a whale takes the opportunity to exit or puts up a large sell wall in the order book.

⚠️ This is considered a high risk play as there is a lot of volatility and uncertainty in the market right now and DUST is a low liquidity low cap altcoin.