Recap: $FRONK pumped ~700% before crashing as expected.

Warning: There is a high risk that this coin is a scam or rug pull. This is a short-term, in and out play. Take the appropriate precautions if you plan to participate.

FRONK Memecoin Launch

Twitter: https://twitter.com/fronk_inu

Solscan: https://solscan.io/token/5yxNbU8DgYJZNi3mPD9rs4XLh9ckXrhPjJ5VCujUWg5H

Website: https://fronk.xyz/

There is a memecoin launching on Solana soon called $FRONK. For those that have been following, a memecoin called $BONK has been running like crazy (25x in a week). The Solana memecoin narrative is gaining momentum. $BONK airdropped free coins to most Solana project NFT holders, but purposely excluded DeGods and y00ts as a way to 'punish' them for leaving Solana. $FRONK is attempting to establish an anti-narrative by airdropping to the projects that did not receive the $BONK airdrop

Not Financial Advice

This is a degen play. Not an investment. If you plan to participate, the best strategy is to get in with an amount you can afford to lose, then get initial investment out ASAP and ride a moonbag. Participate at your own risk. There is high risk of an immediate rug pull.

Full Disclosure:

As a DeGods/y00ts holder I expect to receive this airdrop. I may buy a bit more at launch depending on what the valuation looks like. I do not plan to hold for the long-term, I plan to sell and keep a small moon-bag.

It is HIGHLY recommended to use an isolated, clean burner wallet for things like this. If you use a wallet you have other funds or NFTs in, there is always risk of exploitation. If you do not know your way around the Solana ecosystem (phantom wallet, jup.ag, etc.) it's best to sit this one out or use it as a learning opportunity with a tiny amount of SOL.