Getting Organized

Getting Organized

Get organized. Take notes. You’ll thank yourself later.

Get organized.

If you don’t have a notion account, make one here (it’s free).

Notion is an incredibly powerful workspace tool (this site is built on Notion).

Organization is key, and I’ve designed a Notion template that will help you keep your trading and investing organized.

  1. Get the Trading Dashboard template here.
  2. If you haven’t already, set up a portfolio tracker.
    1. I use CoinGecko, it’s simple. CoinMarketCap is fine too.
    2. If you want something that will help you track taxes, Koinly is nice.

You don’t necessarily have to use the tools above, but make a habit out of taking notes and recording things.

Thoughts, emotions, lessons learned, observations about the market.

Markets are cyclical. There are patterns.

They repeat themselves over and over again sometimes with a twist.

The longer you spend in the market, the more you will pick up on these cycles and patterns.

You’ll pick up on them faster if you take notes.

If you’re not taking notes it’s probably because:

  1. You’re afraid of taking notes because you don’t want to write down (or type) out something stupid. The great thing is if you come back to a note later and think it’s stupid, you can just cross it out (or backspace).
  2. You’re being lazy. If you’re taking the time to go through this entire course, this probably isn’t you, but in case it is, put in the extra 10% effort to take notes. You’ll get more than 10% in value back.