$SCOIN | Sdrive | Published Dec 17, 2023


Project: Sdrive

Website link: https://sdrive.app/

Token: $SCOIN

FDV: $2.5M

Overview: sDrive is a decentralized storage protocol on Solana. While it appears to be bootstrapped and rudimentary in comparison to things like Arweave, Shadow Drive, Storj, and Filecoin, the fully diluted valuation is minuscule in comparison.

Decentralized storage protocols are seeing valuations well north of $100M with some being valued in the billions. This makes $SCOIN at < $3M a high risk, high reward play.


  • Obviously, if this bullish market rolls over, low cap tokens like $SCOIN will not fair well.
  • Please note that micro cap tokens like $SCOIN can regularly experience 50% - 75% drawdowns in price.
  • We’ve yet to see real demand come in for this specific product or token. This is a high risk, high reward micro-cap project that could take significant time to see success and might not see success at all.

$SCOIN can be purchased on jup.ag:

(token address: 5qKDWkBejLtRh1UGFV7e58QEkdn2fRyH5ehVXqUYujNW)

Due to low liquidity, if you plan to buy more than $500 or so, consider using the DCA function on Jupiter to spread out your buys to lessen price impact and slippage.