Important Dates for September & October

Important Dates for September & October | Published Sep 3, 2023

September 11 - 4.54M $APT tokens unlock (1.99% of circulating supply).

September 13 - A Delaware court will decide to approve or deny FTX’s plan to sell ~$500M in crypto (predominantly BTC and ETH) in batches over the course of 5 weeks.

September 13 - August CPI data released at 8:30am EST. Inflation coming in higher than expected is bad. Inflation coming in lower than expected is good for markets.

September 20 - Jerome Powell and the Fed will decide to either hike rates once more or pause. Currently, the market is pricing in a pause with 94% certainty. A 25 basis point hike would be a major surprise (6% certainty) and likely push risk assets down. (Source)

September 26 - 6.52M $DYDX tokens unlock (3.76% of circulating supply).

October 6 - Unemployment data released for the month of September. High and rising unemployment is a leading indicator of large drawdowns in the S&P 500 (aka recession).

October 16 - Deadline for the SEC to approve, deny, or delay multiple BTC spot ETFs. A delay would simply delay the decision for another 45 days. A denial is not expected, but would likely cause a large market crash. An approval is reasonably possible, and would likely send the market soaring.

October 31st - Soft deadline for Mt Gox to distribute ~142,000 BTC to hack victims. This deadline may be delayed.

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