LTC Digital Cash Correlations

LTC Digital Cash Correlations

LTC Digital Cash Correlations

Litecoin has a halving coming up in August of 2023. Historically, LTC has outperformed the rest of the crypto market in the 6 - 9 months leading into this halving. NANO, BCH, and DASH are highly correlated and often pump following LTC pumps.

Should the overall crypto market get a bear market rally at some point before the Litecoin halving, Litecoin is set to have some strong pumps.

While actually catching these pumps in Litecoin may be difficult, we can use Litecoin as a leading indicator for correlated digital cash alternatives such as NANO, BCH, and DASH.

We’ve seen this play out recently:


The play:

Look for leveraged long positions in NANO, BCH, or DASH once LTC starts pumping. Quick trade. The goal is to get in and out.