LayerZero Airdrop

LayerZero Airdrop

LayerZero Airdrop Guide

LayerZero Overview

LayerZero is a trustless omnichain interoperability protocol that provides a powerful, low level communication primitive upon which a diverse set of cross-chain applications can be built. Using this new primitive, developers can implement seamless inter-chain applications like a cross-chain DEX or multi-chain yield aggregator without having to rely on a trusted custodian or intermediate transactions.


  1. Join the LayerZero Discord.
  2. Use Stargate Finance to bridge a small amount of ETH from Ethereum to another chain like Arbitrum or Optimism.
  3. Buy a small amount of $STG tokens (Ethereum Network) on Uniswap or 1Inch.
  4. Your $STG tokens will allow you to vote on proposals. Vote here:
  5. Execute some testnet transactions. Bridge USDC from the Ethereum Goerli Testnet to the Avalanche Fuji Testnet and back again: Use the faucets at the bottom of the page to get the needed testnet tokens.
  6. (Optional) Bridge some funds around. This can get a bit costly in gas fees. Bridge across Ethereum, Aptos, Arbitrum, and Optimism using LiquidSwap and/or the Aptos Bridge.
Airdrops are speculative. There is no guarantee that taking these actions will qualify you for an airdrop from this project, or that this project will even have an airdrop. Sistine Research does not guarantee the safety of the linked sites and protocols. It is best practice to use burner wallets for airdrop farming.