Lambo Space Princess ($LSP) Overview

LSP is a memecoin launched by the Guides NFT project.

The Guides will be a 1000 piece PFP collection, all handmade traditionally by Wetikos himself.

They are drawn on 5" x 5" postcards that can be redeemed as physicals.

Currently there are 667 in circulation.

Guides also have 67 million LSP that will be airdropped evenly to Guides holders at a later time.

Guides is the largest and most active artist based PFP community on Solana.

Collectively they launched LSP to stimulate the artist community on Solana, and introduce artists to where the majority of the liquidity is, memecoins.

LSP, or Lambo Space Princess, is the name of Wetiko’s english bulldog puppy.

The Guides community has over 100 active artists making and posting memes, art, and content around Lambo Space Princess.

$LSP aims to be the BONK of the Solana art movement. It was launched to help artists find success, even during a time when more people are buying memecoins, then 1/1 art.

Similar to how BONK went after many DeFi integrations in Solana, LSP is going after art platform integrations.

  • You can now buy and sell art, using LSP tokens, on Mallow, one of Solana’s leading art marketplaces.
  • Integrations of LSP are coming soon to 3land and Foster, two other Solana art marketplaces.

These 3 integrations will cover 3 out of 4 of Solana’s art marketplaces.

In short, $LSP aims to be the Solana art token/memecoin.

We believe that at a $3M valuation, $LSP may be undervalued and have some significant upside if they are successful in capturing the attention of the Solana art market.

$LSP can be purchased on Jupiter Exchange.

Chart: https://birdeye.so/token/BAy5FmGzFwcVcZq1yXaDvF1mEAChF3MPtBLrUMBsnLN9?chain=solana

Contract Address: BAy5FmGzFwcVcZq1yXaDvF1mEAChF3MPtBLrUMBsnLN9