Metame NFT | June 19, 2023

Metame ( is an upcoming Solana NFT project.

While the current sentiment in the Solana NFT market is low, the Metame team has been working to build a community for their NFT project. Their twitter has grown organically to nearly 10k followers as of June 19.

Little is known about the project’s long-term vision thus far, though they have been seeing steady organic growth over the last few months.

Based on the below notes, we believe it’s a worthwhile endeavor to get a whitelisted for Metame.

  1. The art is very well done and in a niche (anime) that is extremely popular in the NFT space (see Azuki). This is the main reason to be bullish at the moment. Well-received art almost always sees positive price-action after mint.
  1. The website ( is high quality and the whitelist claim process is smooth.
  2. The project has been slowly handing out whitelists to engaged community members rather than trying to run large-scale giveaways to people who are likely to dump after launch.
  3. The supply will not be 10,000 and may be as low as 3,000. The exact supply is unknown, but lower supply NFTs pump much easier post mint.
  4. There is a general lack of excitement about any other pre-launch NFT projects on Solana at the moment.

The lower supply cap and art alone are likely enough to make whitelist mints profitable. Should the team follow-through with a solid long-term plan, Metame may be a project worth holding onto. We will provide updates periodically as more information is available.

Launch date: unknown

How to get whitelisted:

  1. Follow on Twitter and turn on notifications.
  2. Follow the team on twitter:
  3. Comment and engage positively and consistently and you will likely be DM’d a whitelist code that can be redeemed for a whitelist card at