$MPLX | | Published Jan 18, 2024

Project: Metaplex

Website link:

Analytics Dashboard:

Token: $MPLX

Contract Address: METAewgxyPbgwsseH8T16a39CQ5VyVxZi9zXiDPY18m

Current Price: $0.34 ($315M FDV)

Overview: Metaplex is an NFT infrastructure protocol that facilitates nearly all NFT mints on Solana. They have built tools and infrastructure that make it easier for creators to launch NFTs on Solana, and take a small fee per mint.

Here is a great write-up by Modular Capital that further explains the investment thesis behind Metaplex:

For the purpose of this post, we’re looking for $MPLX to run in the short term due to the large number of NFT mints happening on Solana right now.


Additionally, the JUP airdrop on Jan 31 is expected to inject large amounts of capital into the Solana ecosystem, a lot of which may find its way into the NFT ecosystem.

Where to buy $MPLX

$MPLX can be purchased on Bybit or at with the contract address: METAewgxyPbgwsseH8T16a39CQ5VyVxZi9zXiDPY18m

Notes & Disclaimer

Obviously, if this bullish market rolls over, low cap tokens like $MPLX will not fair well.

Please note that tokens like $MPLX can regularly experience 50% drawdowns in price.