Mintlayer | Published May 9, 2023

Mintlayer is a Bitcoin layer 2 for tokenization, scalability, & DeFi use cases. It’s most comparable to something like Stacks ($STX) and an alternative to the highly contentious BRC-token standard.

$STX is currently valued at a $1.2B fully diluted valuation.

$ML, Mintlayer’s token, is currently <$100M fully diluted.

With Bitcoin fees and on-chain tx volume skyrocketing, there may be increased demand for layer 2 solutions.

$ML, a newly launched token, has already seen some mild speculation due to the increase in Bitcoin activity:


We feel that $ML has asymmetric risk/reward potential while valued at less than 10% of $STX, its closest comparable, so long as the Bitcoin network is congested due to ordinals and BRC-20 tokens.

We believe $STX may see continued upside as well, though it’s a riskier entry now than when we originally called it at $0.28.

You can currently only purchase $ML tokens at and MEXC.

There may be additional upside if $ML gets listed on larger exchanges such as Binance.

Disclaimer: Sistine Research has a small position in $ML.