$NOS | Nosana | Published Nov 15, 2023

Website link: https://nosana.io/

Nosana is building a distributed GPU cloud computing network for AI inference.

The thesis is simple:

1) The Solana app layer is undervalued.

2) Nosana is building something similar to Render Network, which is currently valued at $1B.

We think NOS could reach a $250M+ FDV under sustained bullish market conditions.

Obvuously, if this bullish market rolls over, low cap token like $NOS will not fair well.

$NOS can be purchased on jup.ag:

(token address: nosXBVoaCTtYdLvKY6Csb4AC8JCdQKKAaWYtx2ZMoo7)

Due to low liquidity, if you plan to buy more than $500 or so, consider using the DCA function on Jupiter to spread out your buys.