$OPOS (Only Possible On Solana) | October 3, 2023 | VERY HIGH RISK

OPOS is a memecoin on Solana launched by HGE, a very wealthy Solana project developer and community member.

HGE locked ~$3M into the liquidity pool for $OPOS. Currently, there is ~$4M in liquidity for $OPOS, but $OPOS is only trading at $4.5M market cap.

Most coins, including memecoins, trade at a market cap valuation of 5x to 20x their liquidity.

Essentially, $OPOS does not currently have the demand to support a valuation of $20M - $30M, but it does have the liquidity to support a valuation in that range.

Additionally, with such high liquidity for its market cap, it is theoretically very difficult for sellers to push the price below ~$3M market cap ($3.00).

Purchasing $OPOS is still a high risk play and is not something we recommend holding for a long period of time. If it pumps, it is wise to take profits and move on to the next one.

Chart: https://birdeye.so/token/BqVHWpwUDgMik5gbTciFfozadpE2oZth5bxCDrgbDt52?chain=solana

Where/How to buy: Paste contract address into jup.ag and purchase with USDC or SOL using a Solana wallet like Phantom or Backpack.