Rumble Kong League

Rumble Kong League

Rumble Kong League | Published Feb 14, 2024


Project: Rumble Kong League

Current Price: 0.35 ETH

Overview: Rumble Kong League is a collection of 10,000 NFTs and is building a basketball themed mobile game.


Notes: RKL has partnerships with NBA stars Steph Curry and Paul George, and are backed by Animoca Brands, a premiere web3 gaming fund. Last market cycle this NFT collection saw a floor price of over 4 ETH in during the NFT narrative.

There is currently a lot of speculation around web3 gaming, with many web3 gaming tokens and projects seeing a lot of speculation. We believe that as RKL gets closer to a full launch of their game, we may see speculation in their NFTs, making it a suitable allocation for anyone seeking both web3 gaming exposure and NFT exposure at once.

We are also speculating that there may be a token airdrop of $RKL to NFT holders and beta testers. This airdrop could easily be $250+ per Rumble Kong NFT under the following unconfirmed assumptions:

  • 10% of supply airdropped to 10,000 NFTs
  • 0.001% of supply airdropped per NFT
  • $25M FDV of $RKL token (very achievable)

For more details on beta testing, see the official RKL twitter:

Lastly, many blockchain gaming projects coming out now have hyped launches where token prices are expensive right from the start. RKL is not hyped at all right now, which is reflected in the current floor price of 0.35 ETH.


  • Obviously, if this bullish market rolls over, NFT projects like RKL will not fair well.
  • Please note that NFTs can regularly large drawdowns in price.