Tapio Airdrop

Tapio Airdrop

Tapio Airdrop Guide

Tapio Overview

$TAPIO is the token of Tapio Finance, a liquid staking protocol, and will be used for protocol governance, for determining such things as fees, voting on gauges to allocate incentives towards specific DeFi projects and so on.

To qualify for the Tapio Finance Airdrop, simply purchase 1 of each of the following NFTs per wallet.


You only need 1 of each per wallet and it is very unlikely that having multiple per wallet will add to your airdrop allocation.




In order to buy these NFTs you will need to have some MATIC on the Polygon blockchain.

You can withdraw MATIC from a centralized exchange directly to your MetaMask wallet (make sure to withdraw it to Polygon and not Ethereum Mainnet).

Alternatively, you can bridge MATIC from Ethereum Mainnet to Polygon PoS via the official Polygon bridge (https://wallet.polygon.technology/polygon/bridge/deposit).

Old Guide (expired):

Connect to https://zealy.io/c/tapiofinance/questboard before starting. Complete the tasks on the Tapio Finance questboard:

On-Chain Tasks:

  1. Mint tapETH at https://test.tapio.finance/
    1. Connect Metamask to Goerli Testnet (guide)
    2. Get Goerli Testnet ETH from the Goerli Faucet: https://goerlifaucet.com/
    3. Mint TapETH (you may need to toggle off “Add tokens in balanced proportion”)
  2. Redeem tapETH (https://test.tapio.finance/redeem)
  3. Use the swap function (https://test.tapio.finance/swap)

Off-Chain Tasks:

Airdrops are speculative. There is no guarantee that taking these actions will qualify you for an airdrop from this project, or that this project will even have an airdrop. Sistine Research does not guarantee the safety of the linked sites and protocols. It is best practice to use burner wallets for airdrop farming.