Virtual Protocol

Virtual Protocol

$VIRTUAL | | Published Feb 6, 2024

Project: Virtual Protocl

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Contract Address: 0x44ff8620b8ca30902395a7bd3f2407e1a091bf73

Current Price: $0.012 ($12M FDV)

Overview: VIRTUAL Protocol aligns incentives for the decentralized creation and monetization of AI personas for virtual interactions (gaming, metaverses, online interactions, or beyond).


Virtual Protocol is a platform for the creation and monetization of AI powered avatars and profiles.

This is a strong developing narrative that has seen a large amount of investment capital in the past year. At a $12M valuation, Virtual Protocol stands out as potentially undervalued in comparison to other similar startups.

Additionally, we are observing a rapidly growing trend in the underlying use case of AI companionship, which we believe extends beyond romantic companionship (think AI friends for lonely elderly people or bringing a loved one back to life via an AI avatar).

DreamGF, an ai companionship website is reportedly making $100k/mo in revenue:

Synthesia secures $90M for AI that generates custom avatars. The round brings Synthesia’s total raised to date to $156.6 million, and it values the startup at $1 billion post-money (up from $300 million in December 2021).

As AI Usage Increases At Work, Searches For “AI Girlfriend” Up 2400% is an ai companionship startup that has been funded by the CEO of Coinlist and a variety of other high profile angel investors.

We will likely be providing a more in-depth overview of Virtual Protocol at some point in the future.

Where to buy $VIRTUAL

$VIRTUAL can be purchased on Uniswap with the contract address: 0x44ff8620b8ca30902395a7bd3f2407e1a091bf73

Notes & Disclaimer

Obviously, if this bullish market rolls over, low cap alt coins like $VIRTUAL will not fair well.

Please note that tokens like $VIRTUAL can regularly experience large drawdowns in price.