$MXRC | Tuesday, June 6 2023

Several weeks ago, a free-to-mint BRC-20 token called $OXBT launched, and 100x’d comapred to the cost to mint.

Now a few builders in the Bitcoin community have come together to create MetaXRC, to “build a new kind of brand and community.”

While there is little information on the team’s long-term vision or what the token will be used for, they have a large social media following and the mint is free.

Given the large Twitter following and low cost to mint, we believe there is asymmetric risk:reward to mint $MXRC.

The public mint is scheduled to begin at 6pm EST on June 6.

A full guide on BRC-20 tokens has been posted in the Research Hub here:

It is recommended to follow https://twitter.com/metabrc on Twitter and turn on notifications to make sure you do not miss mint instructions & details.