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Research Hub

Announcement: New Sistine Research Indicators

We have release two new TradingView indicators. To receive access to them submit your TradingView username. TradingView Username Form →

Research & Data

Research reports take a deeper dive into specific cryptocurrency projects and/or topics to try to glean information that is not clear at the surface level.

High Risk Plays (one pagers)

Plays are short alpha snippets for topics & catalysts that may not need a full in-depth report. Often times these are high risk/high reward.

(Plays that have a gray background are outdated and plays are ordered chronologically from top left to bottom right.)


Principles are underlying concepts and frameworks that can be used to guide analysis and decision-making.

Airdrop Guides

Airdrops are excellent low-risk opportunities as they require little to no capital to qualify for. Below is a list of potential airdrops and strategies for qualifying for them.

TradingView Charts

TradingView chart templates are links to pre-populated TradingView charts designed to show a specific insight.

Note: Click “Copy” in the top right corner of TradingView to make a copy and adjust the timeframe.

TradingView Indicators

Our TradingView indicators are designed to provide you with unique insights into price action.

Supplemental Videos

Please be respectful of the fact that people pay for this research. Leaking or otherwise distributing this information will result in your immediate removal from the group, a $500.00 fine charged to the card on file, and potential legal action depending on the severity of the offense.
Sistine Research is a research provider, not a financial advisor. Nothing we produce should be taken as financial advice. Disclosure: Sistine Research participates in many of the investment opportunities presented.
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📈 Technical Analysis for Investing

📊 Technical Analysis for Trading MPLs, Price Action, Patterns, Leverage

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💥 Catalysts

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🌶 Narratives & Trends

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🪙 Macro Econ

🧬 Niche Specialization

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